All Around the Garden…and then it was the end of summer

So I would be remiss if I didn’t say my garden blog posts did exactly go the way I planned. Tom and I were so happy that most of the seedlings I started survived being transplanted outside and we bought some great peppers plants from one of our local greenhouses to round out the plants. And then a few things happened this summer that completely threw everything off course. I won’t go into the details but among a few other things happening, we unfortunately, had to put down our rescue pup Lincoln. I can honestly say that putting him down was the hardest decision and hardest thing I have ever done but we are getting through and I know keeping the blog posts coming will be one way to help me heal and enjoy these final days of summer.

Well enough of that, back to the garden! This year’s garden is thriving so much better than last year! I feel like the weather has been on our side a bit more and the soil is in really good shape. I will say that the vegetables have been a little slow to grow but we have plenty of green tomatoes ready to turn and I swear enough flowers on our tomatillo plants to put in a vase! Of course, I won’t be doing that though because I want to make a plentiful amount of salsa verde!!

The seedling I was by far most impressed with though has been the basil! I have already had enough to make one batch of pesto and am planning another batch for this weekend! Our barrel of potatoes is doing well, at least the plants are still growing. We will have to wait another month or two though to see if we have potatoes. Thinking about a live stream on Instagram for the big reveal! What do you think?

What do you think?

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