All Around the Garden: Weeks 6 & 7 Planting Delays

Here is your first look at our garden in all of its post winter glory. Bit of a weed jungle, eh? My plan was to already have the garden cleaned up and everything planted by now but mother nature had a better idea with keeping the cold, rainy weather here much longer than I anticipated. All good though because my game plan is to get out this Saturday (supposed to be sunny and 73) clean up, till, and hopefully plant because I can tell you that the seeds I started desperately need to get planted! As a matter of fact, we’ve already had a couple of plants die because I wasn’t able to get them out in time.


For this week’s post I thought I would share my game plan for getting our garden back in planting shape, including testing our soil to make sure our plants have a good environment to grow in.


  1. Start with the weeds: Dandelions, giant pricker weeds, and the like are my worst enemies! We also have Rose of Sharon plants in our yard, which are beautiful, but when their seedlings spread places you don’t want them to be, the roots are a big pain to dig out! But with the weeds, anything that is fairly large, I try to dig out from the root as best as I can. I generally don’t spray anything on the weeds to kill them first because I don’t want the chemicals transferring over to the vegetable plants once they are in.


  1. Tilling: Rototilling the dirt is one of the best things that you can do for the garden before you plant because it loosens the soil and will let you incorporate good stuff like compose into the whole garden and not just certain spots. We have a pretty simple electric rototiller that does a good enough job of turning the soil.


I am going to save the third step, planting once I have the garden in so I can share some pictures on how we tested the soil and decided what to plant where. Until then, happy gardening!

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