All Around the Garden Week 4 & 5: Get Hard

I was fighting a bit of a spring cold last week so wasn’t able to post on the seed progress but we are moving right along with just about everything continuing to grow. Those stubborn peppers still haven’t sprouted so I am thinking that our peppers are going to be from the nursery this year. Next year, I think we’ll try a little more TLC with the peppers like a heat pad to try to get the seeds to germinate. On the positive, the tomatoes are starting to get their second set of leaves which means it’s going to be time to start hardening off everything, which in the past has been do or die for my plants, but I’m getting the hang of it.

Hardening off basically means you gradually start to expose your plants to the climate and temperature changes of the outdoors. This is usually really easy for people that have a greenhouse or other more professional means of gardening but for us, it means opening the window a little bit during the day to let some of the day in. I have tried in the past putting the plants directly outside for a few hours, but that scorched the plants. I also have tried just planting the plants outside cold turkey, that was another really bad idea! The window treatment has worked best for us. I usually will start by opening the window a crack during the day and then close it at night. As we get closer to planting outside, I’ll leave the window open 24/7.

The yard is starting to come along with clean up too! One flower bed at a time seems like a good strategy for getting everything cleaned up but the problem is, we have A LOT of flower beds and I haven’t even started the garden yet. Oh well, still have a few weeks to go until we plant.

What do you think?

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