All Around the Garden Week 3: Seedlings Everywhere!

Most of our seedlings for our vegetable garden have sprouted and I couldn’t be more excited! I feel like I may have gotten a little over excited starting the zucchini and green beans indoors because they have gotten really big, really quick! I figured I’ll transplant them into bigger pots soon and we will see if they make it till mid-May when I am going to transplant everything into the garden. The only seeds that haven’t sprouted are the peppers and the parsley still. The pepper seeds were a few years old and I did read that using older seeds sometimes means they won’t sprout but we shall wait and see.

In the meantime, I thought I would share with you something that I noticed happened to some of our seeds. If you look at the picture above, you’ll see that the seed sprouted but for some reason the seed is ON TOP of the sprout rather than in the dirt! So strange!! I took to the Gardening Know How website and found out it isn’t the seed that is on top of the seeding but the shell of the seed. There are a couple of scenarios that are mentioned in the article that detail what could cause this to happen but I feel like for our case, I didn’t plant the seeds deep enough in the pods. The article also suggests that you can carefully remove the shell off of the seedling but that it may kill the seedling. I decided to leave the shell on as is and wait to see if it falls off on its own.

Next week will be 1 month for the seedlings already! Soon, we’ll be starting to harden them off so they are ready for the changes in outdoor temperature. Until then, the spring yard cleanup has begun and we are going to start our prep for the garden!

What do you think?

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