All Around the Garden Week 2

Our summer vegetable garden dreams are slowly coming true because We have sprouts!!  I really didn’t think after one week we would have much sprouting but sure enough, our romaine lettuce was first out of the gate and most of the other plants are starting to poke their way up too. It looks like the herbs, peppers, and watermelon are still waiting around to sprout, but from what I have read, those take a bit more time.

Last year when I started the seeds, I used some small peat moss containers that were a little bigger than a shot glass. Everything sprouted alright and the directions on the pods said to plant everything directly in the ground. Overall last year the garden was not nearly as impressive as it was in 2015 and I feel like the peat moss containers took too long to decompose which stunted the plants from growing more.

So this year, I went a bit of a different route and found the tray that you see in the pictures on Amazon. For only $9.75 I thought it was a pretty good buy and it was really easy to set up for the seeds. All I had to do was fill a pitcher with about 2 quarts of warm water and pour it into the holes that are in the plastic of the tray. The peat moss discs then soak up the water and expand. Once all the peat moss discs were about double in size, you just tear the landscape fabric from the top of each disc and plant your seeds.

Going forward, I’ll keep an eye on the peat moss and if it starts to look dry I can either pour a little water in the tray again or I can spray some water on the tops of the plants. The trick is not to overwater! I’m hoping the weather will break here soon so I can start getting in the yard and cleaning up from the winter. If I do, I’ll definitely update you on that progress next week! Till then, happy gardening!

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